VLAMO Composition Contest for fanfare band 2021

In 2020 fanfare bands became part of the Flemish Inventory of Cultural Heritage. In 2021 VLAMO is looking for new fanfare band compositions for second and third division. 


The VLAMO Composition Contest 2021 looks somewhat different from previous years. Instead of holding one annual contest for both concert band and fanfare band compositions, we will now alternate between the two disciplines. In this way, we want to further stimulate and inspire composers to create a piece of music tailored to the intended type of orchestra and its instruments. Quality over quantity, as it were. This year's contest caters exclusively to fanfare repertoire. 


Fanfare bands continually underline the importance of new, high-quality repertoire for all levels, with sufficient attention to lower divisions. The survey and round table discussions we organized in the run-up to our heritage application showed that. Many existing pieces are arrangements from concert band or brassband repertoire, which do not always take into account the typical instrumentation of the fanfare band.


At VLAMO, we want to contribute actively to new and high-quality fanfare band repertoire. In addition to our biennial composition assignment for the VLAMO Open Fanfare Championship (which caters to the higher divisions), our renewed composition contest will now also be looking exclusively for fanfare music for the lower divisions. This way, we provide fanfare bands with new music annually!

Do you fancy a musical challenge?

Are you eager to create music for this unique type of orchestra?

Participate and contribute to the musical future of our cultural heritage!

Submit your score by October 31, 2021 at the latest [NEW DEADLINE].

The prize-winning composition in second division (grade 2) and third division (grade 1) receives 2500 euro

Please find the file with all information, rules, forms and instrumentation here.