Since 2021, the VLAMO Composition Contest looks somewhat different than before. Instead of holding one annual contest for both concert band and fanfare band compositions, we will now alternate between the two disciplines. In this way, we want to further stimulate and inspire composers to create a piece of music tailored to the intended type of orchestra and its instruments. Quality over quantity, as it were.

2022: wind band

The VLAMO Composition Contest 2022 is looking for new wind band compositions for second (grade 2-2.5) and third (grade 1-1.5) division. By doing so, we want to encourage composers to write for this level of difficulty and put our laureates in the international spotlight.

For whom?

This international competition is open to composers from all countries and of all ages.


The composition must be a new and original, unpublished work for wind orchestra with a duration of at least 6 to a maximum of 8 minutes, which has never been performed publicly or awarded any prizes. The composition has a maximum difficulty of third (grade 1-1.5) or second (grade 2-2.5) division.

! The composer must use the template provided, which indicates the maximum occupancy !


There are two prizes:

  • Prize for the best work for the 3rd division (grade 1-1.5): 2500 euro
  • Prize for the best work for the 2nd division (grade 2-2.5) 2500 euro


Submit your composition by October 31, 2022 at the latest.

You can find the complete rules and documents below.

2021: fanfare band


Honourable mentions

  • Finta - Frits Kessels (NL)
  • Mayan Mysteries - Peter Leroy
  • Resilience! - Stijn Roels

More info:

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VLAMO's internationale compositiewedstrijd gaat afwisselend op zoek naar nieuw en origineel fanfare- en harmonierepertoire voor lagere afdelingen.

De resultaten van de VLAMO Compositiewedstrijd 2021 zijn bekend! Onze jury selecteerde de twee winnaars.